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Custom Handmade

Welcome to Marley Guitar. I'm Jim Marley, Luthier, and I make custom, handmade classical and steel string acoustic guitars using both traditional and modern technique.

I create custom designs to match your desires. I start the design, first, by having a conversation with you, the player. It's my goal to make certain the guitar you're getting ready to pay for exceeds your expectations. 

My Philosophy

A custom, handmade acoustic guitar is an expression of two fine arts. First, it's a product of a true craftsman’s hands, head & heart -- the result of skills honed over time to produce an expression of the luthier’s soul, borne of an appreciation of fine music and mastered over the ages. Second, it's an instrument whose design and ultimate purpose is to produce beautiful tones . . . a physical medium by which the master musician performs the fine art of music.

This is my philosophy at Marley Guitar. The instrument must look great and sound spectacular. If it doesn’t, I don’t put my name on it, and it doesn’t leave my shop!

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